Essay on A Statement Of Educational Philosophy

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I strongly believe that having the right learning climate in the classroom is the most important aspect of teaching; when students feel encouraged, accepted, capable and inspired they will produce their best work. I believe that in order to achieve these goals, the students must see the teacher as an ally in their learning experience. I believe that the relationship between teacher and student is the most critical component to good learning – when a teacher has their students’ respect and admiration, the content that the teacher wishes to deliver will always fall on good soil.

Student learning is my primary focus. I seek first to learn who my students are and what they know, because only then can we jointly work to help them learn what they need to know. This student-centered approach makes teaching a creative and complex journey as we challenge and stimulate each other to a deeper understanding of the content of the course. I model a variety of instructional strategies and behaviors as I communicate information attempting to integrate this with their existing knowledge as they enjoy the process of learning. I believe that each student I see has different needs that must be met. Just finding the avenues to reach each student bring me a challenge in teaching. I demand respect from my students and focus on promoting good attitude and behavior. I put the responsibility of behavior back on my students which allows them to make good choices…

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