A Speech On Swimming Practices Essay

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"Senpai did notice me" You like him. No, it 's more than that - you love him. At first you just looked up to him seeing how great he is at swimming - as if he and the water is one. He 's always the fastest one from the four of them. Then you started to learn more about him - you learned how good he is at arts and that he knows how to cook. It seems he can do anything you can 't, and the next thing you know you 're falling in love with your senpai, Haruka Nanase. It 's not that you 're stalking him; (besides, you 're an admirer, not a stalker. Right?) you were just always looking for the right time to confess to him. But if he 's not busy with swimming practices or other school activities, Nanase-senpai is constantly being together with Makoto Tachibana. That another senpai of yours has always been the cockblocker to your love story. But not today. You loitered again at the floor where Nanase-senpai 's class is. You 're going to tell him your feelings today and that 's final. Heck, you 've been ready for this for months - if only that Tachibana isn 't interfering. He might or might not be aware that he 's interfering but still... his interferance should end today. You finally saw your beloved senpai walking your way. Finally, he 's alone without that bastard Tachibana tailing him around. "Nanase-senpa ---" "Haru!" UGH. Why does he keep on interfering?! "Oh, Makoto." you heard him say. Your chance is gone. Again. You sighed. When will Tachibana disappear from your life? You…

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