Essay about A Speech On My Healthy Eating Journey

830 Words Jan 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Hey Everyone I hope you all are having a fantastic day. Mine has been pretty busy today. I wanted to get on here and make a post about my healthy eating journey. I know I had mentioned it in another post, but I thought that It was something that deserved its own post. I need to mention that I am in no way a health professional I am simply doing what has worked for me. Today I am starting to eat clean. I am not doing any set eating plan its kind of a mixture of what has worked in the past. A key point that I will be doing as well is portion control. Making sure that I am not having to much and not having to little. The biggest thing with my eating that will change is it will be minimal carbs, and sugars. My sugars will come from fruit, so it will be natural sugars. In the past I have done the PCOS type eating which was basically the paleo style eating minus banana 's. I am not going to count calories, I will log them in my fitness app but only to know that I am eating enough. I won 't sit here and say that there won 't be days that I don 't eat perfectly because I will have those days. I am also a college student so my days will be busy and there will be times where I have no choice but I need to eat something so it might not be as healthy as I want it to be, but in that situation I will be making the best decision of what I have my choice of. I plan on doing meal planning I already do meal planning for the simple fact that I am busy and it makes my life easy. I tend to…

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