Essay A Speech On Being A Leader

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When it comes to being a leader I have many goal, but in order to reach those goals I have to take a step back and see where I am today because of my past. Growing up I have always been the person who is looking to lead the group. My friends all through elementary school always would wait for me to do something before they would do whatever it was that I was doing. If I did not do something then they would not do it either. Once I got into high school it seemed to be the same thing. I was the captain of the track and cross country team, whatever my attitude for the day was carried to the rest of the team. When I would defy the coach everyone else would. It was both a curse and a blessing. It was bad because even when I was wrong people would look up to me like I was doing the right thing even when I was not even close to doing the right thing. On the other hand it was a blessing because when a leader was needed I was always willing to step up. I never have had an issue with being dominate and showing authority when it is needed.. After those very trying months I learned that being a proper leader would be very beneficial and it was something that I wanted to work on and continue to grow more in as I grew up and went into the professional world.
I want to be able to lead with power and authority. While in college I have learned to perfect some of these leadership ideas because we are constantly forced to work with people. Being all college students who are lazy and don’t…

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