A Social Worker Within A Residential Nursing Facility For Elderly People

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8-1 Introducing yourself: 1. Assume that you are a social worker in a residential nursing facility for elderly people. You have an appointment with family members concerning the possibility of placing an 85-year-old parent there. What would you say and do in introducing yourself?
I will introduce myself by stating my name, job position, offer my hand as a friendly gesture to create a calm relax environment and more of an openness that will express to the clients that am here to assist them in the best possible means. Give an overview of the services provided in the agency, show the family members around the facilities, explain to them how long we have been operating and assured them of the capability of the agency in providing proper care to their elderly parents. Also, present them with the opportunity of asking me question or interrupt whenever they feel they need more explanation of some of the services mentioned.
2. Assume that you serve as a social worker in a training center for intellectually challenged children and young adults. Today you are about to lead a group of six or eight teenage residents. You’ve reviewed their case records and know that each has numerous talents and reflects intelligence in various ways. In terms of traditional IQ, they score between about 60-70. The students have already taken their seats by the time you arrive. Although a few of them may have seen you walking around campus,…

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