Essay on A Site Selection : First Class Soccer

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A. Site Selection
• First Class Soccer will select its site to do business in Hawthorne, NJ, a small town that has a big soccer program along with surrounding towns that also have a well-known soccer program along with many different club teams. The store will be placed in the middle of the town where most of the traffic passes by and all the stores are located at. Where Lafayette and Diamond Bridge Ave intersect you have many stores such as a pizzeria, the gym, the movie theater, barber shop, and other well-known stores in town. This might be the best site in Hawthorne because many visitors pass by this intersection. It might be leased for a higher price than placing it in another location but this will need to be done in order to increase the presence in town. There’s actually a store listed for lease located right near the movie theater at the corner of the intersection of both Lafayette and Diamond Bridge Ave which is good because the store will not be missed. It is also near a high school, middle school, and a private catholic elementary school, and soccer fields that are right down the street.

B. Plant and Facilities
• First Class Soccer will not need any plant or facilities because the business is only focusing on providing products in the store and in an online store as well. So a plant or facilities center is not really needed when doing business with the consumers.

C. Equipment and Technology
• First Class Soccer will need to adopt many different types of…

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