A Short Note On Va Home Loan Application Essay

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Re: VA Home Loan Application
To all persons concerned:
The intent of this letter is to explain the derogatory transactions on my credit report in connection with my VA home loan application.
1. Car repossession with BHFC Financial Services. (unpaid)

The following is the events that led to my decision to have my vehicle voluntary repossessed. Around March of 2009, I went to start my car after work and the vehicle began to release an exceptionally large amount of smoke from the exhaust. I immediately drove the vehicle to the dealership to have them repair the vehicle, since there was a power train warranty on the car. The dealership told me that the car’s engine oil was filled all the way to the cap around three gallons of oil. I told the dealership that I had the oil changed at the Wal-Mart store that I worked at and since it was there mess-up they are liable for all the repair costs. The dealership told me that the oil pump needed to be replaced, and an oil change needed to be done to repair the vehicle. At that time I was not mechanically inclined and I accepted their explanation. Therefore, I took the repair bill to the Wal-Mart store that was liable to pay for the repairs; they accepted responsibility and paid for the repairs, Wal-Mart also made me sign a waiver stating that they will not be held liable for additional repairs. I accepted this waiver since I was under the impression the dealership fixed the problem. Approximately fifty miles after…

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