Essay on A Short Note On Short Food Supply Chain

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Global Food Supply system vs. Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC) The food supply chain explains the processes of production, processing, distribution, consumption, and disposal. Whereas the short food supply chain associates to the geographical distances or numbers of links in the supply chain (Friedmann & McNair, 2008, 248), involving the different schemes of direct sale from farmers to consumers. As Marsden et al mentions in the analysis of three main types of short food supply chain: face-to-face, spatial proximity, and spatially extended, (Marsden et al, 2000, p.425), such sales schemes could be local farmers’ markets, farmers’ shops, etc. The concept of short supply chains is expressed and defined by many authors in their readings, by combining their ideas, the overall idea is that it connects producer and consumer through the short distance of product sales, which develops a “direct” partnership to promote local agriculture production. And Guthan closely connects to Marsden’s analysis on spatially extended of SFSC, and explains how its value create the link of producer and consumers, “Renting, Marsden and Banks (2003) call organic and fair trade networks “short supply chains” because they are embedded with value-laden information linking producer and consumers irrespective of the distance commodities have traveled (400).” (Guthman, 2007, 67).
A significant perception of looking at short food supply chain is as a opposition to the mainstream global food supply system…

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