A Short Note On ' Kid Flash ' Essay

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This is all my mind would allow under the constant alarm, shattering any train of thought that I could muster; effectively making my ring useless, as it 's dependant on my suffering doesn 't live much longer, when Artemis shoot an arrow into the powerbox, sending out a small shock. As the noise ends with a whine, I carefully check my ears for any blood. Finding not a single speck, relief tidal waves over me, threatening to make me pass out from the vertigo.

"Kid Flash, perhaps exercise caution next time." Aqualad advises, rubbing her ears in the same way that I did. Worst of all hit was Megan, who is closing her eyes and gasping every few seconds. Running over, I fret over my friend.

"You okay, Miss M?" I ask, soothingly rubbing her temples.

"Headache, that 's all." she quitely responds, no doubt due to the obvious throbbing pain she is feeling. Even with her assurance, this migraine could prevent her from using her powers for a short while. Instead, I nudge her over to Robin by the shoulders. The acrobat immediately sets about working on his patient, flashing a light in her eyes, and etc.

Giving us absolutely no reprieve, ninjas emerge from the other end of the hall, guns raised. Shielding my comrades with a constructed shield, the bullets harmlessly drop to the ground upon impact. "Kyle! Connor! Artemis! Protect us while we help Megan, so she can establish a link between us. ' the de-facto leader, Aqualad, sternly our recognition, we charge the ninjas- me shielding…

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