A Short Note On Global Conflict And Crisis Essay

1205 Words Oct 11th, 2015 null Page
Global conflict and Crisis “I know not what weapons WW3 will fought, but WW4 will fought with sticks and stones” (Albert Einstein). Considering this quote in September of this year it will be seventy years since the human race was in a global conflict. It’s hard to say that the world is perfect because until now humanity still remains divided. All the humanity is in the same situation where one person is a terrorist and someone else is pilgrims. However, the age humanity lives right now is the most peaceful time in human history. But the question is humanity heading towards a war or global peace? This paper will strive to discuss briefly how the current global economic situation in china, war in Afghanistan and surrounding countries/ (Nuclear deal agreement), and shortage of resources leads humanity to a global war. These three main flashpoint could be the area where regional conflict expands across the globe.
In US history the worst collapse was the Wall Street crash of 1929 which was a starter pistol for the great depression. A time of great economic, financial distress, and unemployment which really lasted for ten years until World War 2 began; which sopped up to a lot of US workers. The Economist argues that there are ominous parallels between the conditions which led to the first and Second World War and today: economy’s worst aspect is share stock market which is leading all humanity towards war. Since 2008 it’s getting worst day by day until now. In a New…

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