A Short Note On Communication Problems And Trust Issues Essay

1120 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
The relationship I chose to analyze for my interpersonal communication paper was the relationship I had with my ex-girlfriend Laura. We met in high school through mutual friends and we dated throughout my junior and senior years. Communication problems and trust issues eventually were too big of a barrier to knock down and our relationship ended there. The main concepts I chose to analyze about my previous relationship were Personal Language, Nonverbal Communication, Proximity, the Social Penetration Theory, and lastly Relationship Threats. Personal Language shows your true self and is how you express your individuality and it is also more common in a private setting. This is more of a language you share with people you trust and love. With Laura communication was never good and our personal language was even worse. When ever we were alone she was never good at communicating how she really felt about me or anything for that matter. At certain times I found it difficult to express my true feelings around her so most personal situations had a little tension with them. Not expressing our true feelings and showing who we truly were to each other brought up conflict later on into the relationship which in turn changed the way we felt toward one another. Nonverbal Communication played a huge role in the end of my previous relationship. Nonverbal Communication is basically when people use cues like facial expressions or body gestures to create meaning or add emphasis to…

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