Essay about A Scientist Who Studies Animals

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A scientist who studies animals is known as a Zoologist. The Zoology career focuses on animal behavior, diets, habitats, and the overall well-being of wildlife animals. To become a Zoologist, you must have a strong passion and understanding of all animals, from birds to lions and everything in between. Zoologists can have several different jobs, salaries, work environments, and education levels. It can also be fairly difficult to find a job in the Zoology field, but it is an overall rewarding job. While researching a career, I found more information about Zoology and it has helped me find the profession I wish to work in. A Zoologist, or Wildlife Biologist, is a scientist who studies animals and knows everything from the animal 's cells to what they eat. When going into Zoology, there are many different kinds of jobs available. The lowest paying job you could get as a Zoologist would be a Zookeeper. A Zookeeper prepares animal meals, cares for the animal, and monitors their behavior. Being a Zookeeper would mean you could work at the zoo, but it would not pay as much as other jobs. Another job that comes with being a Zoologist is a Wildlife Educator. Wildlife Educators research animals for educational visits and can help raise animals. Researching animals while being a Wildlife Educator is different than being a Researcher. A Researcher does experiments, breed animals, examines slides, and does more with the cells of the animals than actually caring for the animals.…

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