Essay on A Rule Of Thumb For Christian Counselors

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A rule of thumb for Christian counselors is to be mindful of a client’s well-being/autonomy and diverse background. Sanders’ call out points from chapter ten discussing Sexual Minority were: a) etiology and research, b) present controversies and issues with treatments, c) importance of multicultural competence, and d) re-affirming the client’s well-being and wellness. Each of these sections in regards to understanding and knowing the homosexual lifestyle showed a clear paucity of etiology empirical research. From the 1960s to the present there still remains no conclusive evidence as to a single biological cause for homosexuality in all individuals. Research among identical twins in which both set of twins were gay still yield to no evidential biological proof for the cause of homosexuality. Unfortunately, the genetic pool was not willing to asked this day old question that even within the biblical text warns Christians against. Still these are God’s children and we are our brother’s keeper in which it’s our duty as Christian counselors to make every effort to understand the culture of sexual minorities. However, Sanders sheds light unto the current controversies and mal-treatment issues among this population. He shares with reader that homosexual culture is correlated with high psychosocial distress, greater risk for HIV, substance abuse, depression, and loneliness (Steever, Francis, Gordon & Lee, 2014). Some clients reach out counselors to change their sexual…

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