A Review On A Movie, Better Health, And Research Paper `` How Advertising Works ``

1296 Words Dec 23rd, 2015 6 Pages
English is one of those subjects that I never really expect to gain much from, but to my surprise I learned a lot from this course. Writing has never been my forte and it is not that I am bad at writing, writing is just something that does not come to me naturally. I knew that there was room for improvement but could not pinpoint where exactly I had to improve. Being in this freshman composition course allowed me to clearly see the strengths and weaknesses in my writing due to being assigned multiple papers and getting direct feedback on them from you, my fellow classmates and the writing center. The three papers in this portfolio of mine show how I have improved as a writer. This portfolio contains my review paper "Interstellar: Movie To Watch", analysis paper "Better Health" and research paper "How Advertising Works". These papers are in chronological order, clearly showing how and where I have made improvements in my writing. For the review paper, the task was to do a review on a movie that I have watched in the past year assignment and I decided to write about the movie Interstellar, written and directed by Christopher Nolan. I decided to label Interstellar as "a must watch movie", hence the title of the paper "Interstellar: A Movie To Watch", and supported my statement by thoroughly evaluating various aspects of the movie. Interstellar is a movie that I felt deserved a larger audience, so I used scene examples and described the movie in a way that validate my opinion…

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