A Research Topic On Anxiety Disorders

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Overview of Topic
A good research topic should be interesting, ethical and researchable. The topic that is chosen should be according to the type of research undertaken in the preferences of the researcher. Throughout the past years I have noticed a vast number of children who could possibly be suffering with anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are a significant mental health problem among children and youth. As a counselor I plan to work with children and I believe that it is important to stay educated on best practices, new developments and interventions. One in eight children are affected by anxiety disorders (ADAA, 2010). Research also suggest that those that are untreated could face many challenges in school or even social developments.
The research topic that I have chosen is about counseling children/adolescents with anxiety disorders. Becoming more knowledgeable about this particular topic will allow me to give clients the most effective treatment. Psychotherapy and/or medications are the treatment, however I am interested in learning about ways to prevent or find out the causes of this disorder in children.
Audit Trail
The purpose of reviewing literature is to provide information and help one understand what has already been done that relates to your topic. This information provides insight on particular topics, as well as preventing you from duplicating someone else’s research. Reviewing the literature allows you to determine research strategies and specific data

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