A Research Study On The Philosophy Of The University Faculty Classroom At Haus Edelweiss And Adjunct Faculty

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TCMI has a small core of full-time faculty members and a dedicated group of long-time adjunct faculty members. Faculty members, including both full-time and adjuncts at Haus Edelweiss and adjunct faculty in the distant settings, reported close communication and collaboration among faculty members. Many of the adjunct faculty have been teaching with TCMI for a number of years; they bring the applied expertise that is a hallmark of the programs. For this reason, their suggestions about course additions and revisions are welcomed. One example of this is the recent development of courses related to Islam and World Religions, suggested by TCMI faculty teaching on campuses in majority Muslim countries. The faculty report that they have recently completed a review of the curriculum for both of their Masters degree programs.

The demand for TCMI courses fluctuates somewhat due to external circumstances, with a general trend of growth in the number of students and courses over the last 10 years. As reported by the administrative team, TCMI uses these statistics to determine the appropriate number of courses to offer and is moving towards using these to fine tune the scheduling of particular courses,

The listing of TCMI faculty credentials shows that 80% are doctorally prepared and teach within the area of their degree. The other faculty have terminal Masters degrees in appropriate applied fields which, combined with their experience in practical ministry makes them well-qualified…

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