A Research Study On The Gym, Photography, Listening, Music, And Function Of A Team

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Identify at least one unique thing that all team members have in common: We all like to work out and focus on school work.
Explanation: During the first meeting, all team members started out by describing what they liked to do in their free time. We came to a conclusion that we enjoy going to the gym, photography, listening to music, and exceeding in school. Our team agreed that the one unique thing we had in common was staying healthy and going to the gym. This is why we decided to put that as the main focus in our team logo. At the bottom right corner, we also decided to include our team shirt with the number we were assigned as a team.
Team Contract

1) Team Leader/Roles

Team Leader: Jacob Carden
● Will assign tasks accordingly

Assigned Roles/Jobs: (Roles will continue throughout semester unless there is an objection.)
● APA citing person - Daochoua Vang
○ Get references from every group member
○ References must be from credible sources
● Submits the final assignment - Jamie Vang & Michael Barakat (Backup person)
● Keeps agenda & minutes of meeting - Steven Pacho
● Who announce the next meeting & time - Jamie Vang
○ The person should be able to get a full schedule of everybody’s time and determine what time would be best for the group.

2) Code of Conduct
Expected behaviors of members
● All members are expected to be on time with online meetings.
○ Recommended to check technical issues 10 minutes before meetings
○ Be focused on the assignment during meetings and not…

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