Essay about A Research Study On Milk Tea Tastes Sweet, The Room Is Warm

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a. 5 qualitative observations: milk tea tastes sweet, the room is warm, the moon cake is square-shaped, my shoes are green, the cookies smell delicious
b. 5 quantitative observations: six books on the table, a dozen of chips on a table, 2 people in the room, the candy costs &2.5, room temperature is 68°F
2. Photosynthesis, car rusts, digestion, detergents, combustion, cooking, baking, respiration, forming water, pesticides
a. I always cry when I cut onions so I want to find a solution for it. I researched online and found some ways such as wash the knife before cutting onion, wear goggles, or cut onions under running water. I tried all these methods to test which one will work best and the results is to wear goggles will prevent fumes blow into your eyes.
b. I slept very little at night and it left me with black panda eyes. I tried to sleep early and get enough sleep as possible but I cant due to the amount of works I have. I asked my mom and she told me to put spoons into a fridge for 5 minutes then take out to cool my eyes. Newspaper advised me to use fruits instead of ice. I tried all and see the best result is to use the cold spoons though they only give temporary effect.
c. Winter comes and my throat starts to hurt. I used a throat lozenge to cure and drink syrup but it fails to work. So I researched online and decide to try drink 1 spoon of honey and gargle with salt water every night. My throat got better and I’m glad I try this tip.
4. Scientists use the…

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