A Research Study On Exercise And Depression Essay

1119 Words May 24th, 2015 5 Pages
Study after study shows that any physical activity leaves behind many positive benefits but how much exercise does that imply and what kind of benefits are likely to be seen or even felt. There is no right or wrong answer although the Department of Health and Human Services recommends a minimum of 20 minutes everyday doing moderate aerobic activity such as walking or mowing the lawn combined with 10 minutes of vigorous activity related to running or sports while mixing in 2 days of weight training for as long as is necessary to achieve your goals. Getting the the right amount of exercise a week over the course of a year is critical to living a healthy life with enhanced mood, more energy, weight loss and countless other benefits. There is also a big correlation between the abstinence of exercise and depression. The benefits only come faster from the intensity and time spent doing your workout and exercise routine. As a result of exercise, ones body receives great help curing many conditions such as depression while preventing intravisceral conditions with the benefit of many positive enhancements. The internet alone has a vast inventory of study after study for the benefits that exercise has on relieving depression. But it is no help to just be told it makes a person healthier in many ways without explaining what is inside your body that is actually changing to aid your health. One proponent that is changing in your brain are the chemicals called endorphins. Scientists in…

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