A Research Study Of Medicine Essay

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The study of medicine has evolved over thousands of years from something of an enigma governed by religious spheres to the highly specialized science of preventing, treating, and curing diseases of the human body. While my interest in becoming a physician did begin with a love of natural sciences, it has, like the study of medicine, evolved into something much larger than topics covered in my general biology courses. I want to work with people on managing their conditions, learn from doctors before me as well as patients, and be a positive influence despite often-negative diagnoses. Individuals all have different reasons for wanting to attend medical school, but I believe that we are either called to practice medicine or we are not. I am drawn to a career as a physician because I am eager to develop and capable of developing the interpersonal relationships necessary for a successful relationship between a patient and their doctor.

Being raised by my father, a General Surgeon turned Dermatologist, and my mother, a former Intensive Care Unit nurse, it is safe to say that I have always been comfortable around the medical field. As I grew older, I was able to witness my father performing Mohs surgeries that involved precision, time, and complex reconstruction. Mohs surgery is often a lengthy procedure that can require many hours and what amazed me more than my father 's ability to successfully remove Basal or Squamous Cell Carcinomas was his ability to make his patients feel…

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