Essay on A Research Report On Health Care

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Patient outcomes should be the ultimate goal of any health care interaction. Unfortunately, reality and outside forces make perfect patient outcomes hard to achieve. Safe staffing practices are one such outside force that alter patient outcomes. The current nursing shortage complicates staffing patterns as higher levels of patients are requiring health care. This research article does a good job at establishing reasonable, and attainable staffing pattern guidelines. Nursing is one such health care profession that must adhere to safe staffing schedules to ensure quality patient outcomes. A group of nurses set out to establish safe staffing guidelines for on-call nursing staff in surgical departments. On-call services are essential to many health care facilities throughout the United States, yet recommendations for safe practice ominously missing. The authors noted that agencies that typically provide regulations and guidelines have nothing specific for on-call scheduling. A lack of guidance leaves scheduling to managers to be customize to their own units. Although, managers can adapt to their own needs, there should be a standard available and encouraged.
The evidence based research was conducted in two hospitals in the US with surgical departments that provided roughly 8,000 surgical services per year. Several common problems were noted by leaders at both facilities in the article by Olmstead, Falcone, Lopez, Mislan, Murphey, & Acello (2014):
How many on-call…

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