A Report On The Day ' Chariot ' Essay

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Chariot is a San Francisco based company that provides private shuttles in rush hours between Bart stops and downtown workplaces. Its only customer segment is the city worker.
Customer Segment
Customer Jobs
San Francisco downtown workers commute between home and workplace everyday. Common transportations they take include Bart, Muni, bus, and Caltrain. However, sometimes they take Uber or taxi in emergency. Commuters need an easy and reliable solution for their daily transportation. They have functional jobs like showing up in workplace in time, looking clean and energetic, paying a reasonable price for transportation, and spending as less time as possible on the way. City workers want to feel good. Emotional jobs include feeling relaxed, safe, confident, and keeping the peace of mind. City workers value their professional image. Social job is to look responsible and confident at work.
Many commuters find their humble expectations on city transportation hard to achieve. The public transportation of San Francisco is slow, unpunctual, and crowded in rush hours. What is more painful is that many places have no public transportation. Walking from the station of Bart or Muni to office is too time-costing and too exhausting. They can take Uber or taxi, but it is too pricy.
A good daily transportation means a lot to commuters. Firstly, it keeps commuters on the top of their game for a whole day’s work. They can sleep longer in the morning, have more time for…

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