Essay on A Report On Ficer

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FACTS: On May 13, 2015 Officer was assisting another officer with a call in front of Pelican Pub in downtown St. Petersburg. (R. 46, 1). While assisting with the call, Officer observed The Defendant at the outside patio of the Ringside Caf?. (R. 46, 4-9). Officer observed as The Defendant exited the patio of the caf? and walk onto the sidewalk. (R. 47, 4-6). When The Defendant walked onto the sidewalk, he was holding a glass that Officer identified as a cocktail glass with a dark liquid that was visible inside the glass. (R. 47, 9-23). As The Defendant walks away from the bar, he passed within a foot of Officer . (R. 53, 14-16). At that point, according to his testimony, Officer advised Defendant g to finish his drink in the bar. (R. 48, 11-12). The Defendant responded by stating ?Don?t worry about it; it?s Diet Coke.? (R.48, 18-19). As The Defendant spoke, Officer testified that he smelled a ?strong odor? of alcohol. (R. 49, 2-3). The Defendant walked by the officer and entered a public courtyard. (R. 49, 4-6). Following his interaction with Defendant , Officer continued to assist with the call at the Publican Pub. (R. 49, 20-21). After resolving that call, Officer approached The Defendant and asked to see his drink. (R. 49, 23-24). The Defendant did not respond, so Officer stated ?Well, it?s Diet Coke, right?? (R. 50, 1-2). Following that comment, The Defendant handed the officer his drink. (R. 50, 1-3) At that point, Officer smelled the drink and identified an odor of…

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