Essay on A Report On Destination Management

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1.0 Introduction
Destination management is the process of developing, managing and modifying factors that are involved in the creation of exclusive product destination where stakeholders can attain their socio-economic objectives (Morrison, 2013, p. 7). The management process may entail product development, marketing and branding, collaboration with various partners, and community affiliation. Destination management is significant as tourism is a highly competitive sector and in order to compete efficiently, destination have to provide superior value to tourists (Artal-Tur & Kozak, 2015, p. 20). A tourist’s visit will be affected by numerous services and experiences such as community interaction, transport availability, public amenities and hospitality meaning all these need to be managed to ensure a successful visit.
1.1 Destination Product Management
Camillo (2015) notes that a destination can be of any scale, from a country (Brazil), an island (Mauritius) to a city, town or village (p. 39). Tourist destination typically appeal to the traveller is some way and they provide a range of attractions and activities. Such attractive destinations have to be managed in order to ensure the continuity of tourist influx. The government can build or improve the transport and communication networks in the destination to allow easy transport to and from locations. Tour operators and national Governments can engage in marketing and advertising of locations to create awareness about a…

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