Essay on A Report On Consumer Decision Process Model

860 Words Aug 17th, 2016 4 Pages
The purpose of this report is to Investigate my last purchase over one hundred dollars using the consumer decision process model to explain the process and from there to go on and explain the strengths and weaknesses of this model, the marketing strategies which were used when making the purchase and what could be implemented by the marketers to create habitual customers.

The first stage of the research process was to choose a purchase, which will be the purchase of a Car from Turners auction. This report looks at Consumer decision process model in making the purchase. The First step in the model is the need of an item/service in this case the need to get to Unitec, sport training and Work. From this the most decisive decision is made which is the difference between the need and the want. Through the evaluation of alternatives such as Public Transport like busses, trains looking into aspects such as cost effectiveness, time and to an extent the social implications of my decision. I had come to the decision of a car which is the want , then comes the decision of where to purchase the car from and which model. Through opinions and research, I had decided which is the presence of High Involvement (Extended Decision) making to go to a second hand car yard with a mechanic with the Idea to lower my risk of a negative reaction after my purchase however still holds a high risk due the involvement. Through thorough examination of cost and potential risks we had decided to go for a…

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