A Report On A Late Night Snack Essay

757 Words Feb 25th, 2016 4 Pages
A late night snack, something that seems to be a common thing but a place to go isn’t always available. There’s always a fast-food chain to go to but that gets old quick hey maybe the low quality restaurant that seems to stay open down the block but that’s no good either. Then you find this little old school diner called Harlo’s Grill just sitting in the middle of an unsuspecting place that just seems to help with any type of craving. While driving up you can see how old fashioned the place seems just by the look of the parking lot, then as you walk in the set-up is just something you see from an old movie, finally there’s the people that just seem like they never got with the times and just seem to enjoy the nostalgia of the old place. The feeling from the place just makes you feel like a little step into the past. First when driving in you see this old little building that just screams old fashioned. From the seemingly broken asphalt that rubs under your shoe as you walk trying to avoid the little holes that could easily make you trip to the way the little place for a diner looks. Signs on top of the building that says what’s served; spelling out beef burgers and malts, Italian beefs and fresh coffee. Then you can see into the diner as walk towards it the light from inside just showing on the asphalt letting you barely see where the parking spots are. Then there’s this big old poll standing out front on top saying Harlo Grill in neon lights that seem to give out a humming…

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