A Reflection On My Professional Development Essay

1032 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
First, a confession: Prior to taking this class, I was not attentive with understanding the requirements, so I will not pretend otherwise. As a student who didn’t enroll in college until my mid-thirties for reasons besides desire or ability to learn, most classes I’ve taken thus far have been very interesting to me. This one I must say, had me challenged, but not in a way I enjoy. Within my professional development, I have worked in operations and logistics for nearly two decades, but lack the educational background to support further advancements with my career. Understanding that experience in the field can only take me so far. When I began school last winter I tried to balance my schedule with one class of personal interest, such as math or economics and another class of less interest. Relating to English, I would rate myself as an average student, however, last winter when I took Eng. 101, I was one of the more attentive students. However, contrary to Eng. 102 the essays didn’t require much analysis to complete. What I didn’t enjoy about the class was the in-classroom time because many students were not focused, very disruptive and at times immature. These are all natural emotions for an adolescent, however, for myself, I was there to self-develop and had difficulty doing so with all the distractions. In retrospect, with regards to my initial comment about not fully understanding the course requirement, I probably would have gained more from an in classroom…

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