In My Linguistic And Discourse Analysis

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When I registered for the course, I was in the process of signing up for classes I had to take. I didn’t have a choice in most of them, so I didn’t do much research into what each lesson plan held. However, during our first day, I was pleasantly surprised by the goal of the class – learning about literary criticism and, more importantly, the theories that went along with it. I felt confident because I already had experience in these fields, and this class would just throw me into the deep end of a pool I had already waded into. The class essentially showed me why I had wanted to be an English major in the first place and strengthened my desire to work harder and succeed in my chosen career.
I didn’t initially feel overwhelmed by the assignments;
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I went to the Writing Center and told my tutor that I had gotten some criticism on them in the past. She didn’t have any suggestions, and she told me that my transitions were fine. I handed it in a bit nervous, but knew that if a tutor had told me they were fine, they probably were. When I received my feedback, I noticed the same comments about my structure, like Hannah telling me that one of my sentences was “a little long,” or Professor Clermont-Ferrand noticing some “awkward phras[ing]” in my third paragraph’s topic sentence. However, I did improve upon my transitions! I remember feeling proud that I didn’t get another note about my transitions, but I did still need to work on the structural aspect of my …show more content…
I understood it and I felt like I could write an adequate paper using it, but I felt like I was being nudged out of my comfort zone a little farther than I had expected I would be because of the fact that it is an outward-looking theory. For this essay, I felt a bit unhappy with my final product at first. I did focus more on my structure, though, while writing it. I wasn’t able to head over to the Writing Center, but the fact that my increased focus had improved my transition made me feel more confident in the work I had done on the structure of my essay. I read it over several times and edited my transitions, submitted it. When I looked back at my comments after the essay grade came back, I was relieved to see that my work had paid off, I got compliments on the essay, and that my initial unhappiness was really just my nervousness and uncertainty with a new theory I was unfamiliar with. I am very happy with my improvement over the course of the

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