A Reflection On How Conference Realignment On A Community

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I previously taught a lesson on how conference realignment in college athletics affects the communities surrounding the different colleges and universities. Throughout the weekly lesson plan I made sure to meet all of the standards and stayed on topic and focused on the school’s curriculum. I made sure that each lesson / assessment showed evidence of meeting the recognized stated standards for the topic at hand. Differentiated instructions were used throughout the lesson plan to ensure that the different learning styles of all of my students were addressed. Differentiated instructions also made it easier to give different assessments so I would be able to gage how many of my students understood the material. Throughout this paper you will see how I constructed this lesson plan and how I implemented the lesson plan, while keeping the state standard. All of this was done without going outside of the curriculum. …show more content…
The first essential question was, “What effect does conference realignment have on a community?’ The second question was, “How important is sponsorship & licensing in college programs?” The state standard was the foundation of the lesson plan. Each lesson during this plan was related to the state standard, so they will be able to see how everything worked. The standard was “understand the benefits of college sports to the home community”. It was from that standard that I was able to come up with assignments that involved statistics and simply generating community morale. I was also able to use real life situations showing how fans and different communities reacted when this actually

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