Inconsistency Of College Sports Essay

College athletics plays a major role in the configuration of sports culture. Players represent their schools and compete in order to gain pride and prestige. The image of a team holding up a trophy after winning the championship in their respective sports portrays a glorious picture of unity and triumph. However, if you look behind the scenes, you begin to notice that the landscape of college athletics is anything but glorious. Student-athletes are expected to juggle a rigorous schedule of academic and athletic curriculum, all while dealing with the pressures of becoming young adults. The education the student-athlete receives while attending college acts as a payment for their services on the field, but the instruction they receive is not …show more content…
Mark Emmert, the president of the organization, faces constant criticism for his decision-making ability, especially when it comes to paying college players. In a recent session with students from Marquette University, Emmert strongly disagreed with the idea of paying college athletes, saying “One of the guiding principles (of the NCAA) has been that this is about students who play sports” (Waldron). This opinion would be satisfactory, if not for the inconsistency with the reality of college athletics. Over time, college sports have transformed from a platform for kids to continue their athletic careers to a billion dollar entertainment industry. By claiming that the NCAA is merely just for players, Emmert is ignorant towards the fact that coaches and athletic administrators are raking in money thanks to jersey sales, television deals, and ludicrously high contracts (Waldron). If college athletics are truly just about students playing sports, then the incredibly high prices of those surrounding them need to drop. This hypocrisy in the fundamentals of the college athletic landscape is why the leadership ability of those in power has come into

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