A Reflection On Emotional Intelligence Essay

857 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
This journal will be repeated content due to the continuation of last week’s class.
This week we looked at a real situation of implementing ‘experiential therapy’. This model indicated that the counselor views themselves as both counsellor and the client. This addresses that the client can address hidden/ subconscious issues through role playing. The T.E.D talk video on emotional intelligence, showed the EQ was the ability to understand how to work with people and understand your own feelings, this boils down to your people, social and self-skills. I was shocked to see that a high EQ was more than being empathetic. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is putting your experiences and bias on their situation, real social perspective taking, sees the world through their eyes. With strong emotional intelligence you can do things you don’t feel like doing because emotions are not in control. In the end her message was as much as we studying and practice certain subjects, social emotional intelligence is something we should equally be practicing too. My personal opinion on this video was very eye opening because we are usually old empathy is one the best characteristics to have and this video skewed my view on that because we do have out experiences, values, religion and cultures tied to our thought even when placing ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Seeing their situation in their world is something that would take a lot of practice but would be so worth it in the end.…

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