Essay On Reading Observation

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The late Dr. Seuss said it best when he said “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you 'll go” (Goodreads INC, 2016).
I had an opportunity to observe and interview two educators reading instruction. The first educator I observed and interviewed was Mrs. Thomas. Mrs. Thomas is a fifth grade teacher who has been teaching for over 15 years. She has taught fifth grade for nine. Mrs. Thomas thrives in assuring that her students excel in reading. Upon arrival, Mrs. Thomas lesson was focused on point of view. She introduced the standard, depth of knowledge, and learning goals to her class. For about twenty minutes, she model point of view through the use of a video presentation, graphic organizers, class discussion, and reading materials. Next, the students were guided to start centers. The students were grouped by their reading levels, such as green (below level), purple (on level), and blue (above level). The groupings of the students were implemented through the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) and I-Ready diagnostic assessment.
Mrs. Thomas had a center rotation that consisted of meeting with the teacher, where level readers and
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Lockhart. Ms. Lockhart has been teaching for three years. This is her second year teaching third grade. She loves teaching and building reading comprehension in her students. Ms. Lockhart utilizes reading assessment techniques by using whole group to introduce the skill and then allowing the students to practice using the skill in cooperative groups. Finally, the strategy is re-teach in small group. Some common threads in assessment tools that were utilized were formative assessments, DRA, I-Ready, weekly reading assessments in Journeys. Ms. Lockhart informed me that for interventions she uses Journeys PMP (progress monitoring plan), Quick Reads, Phonics for Reading, and Super

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