Essay on A Prayer At A Young Age

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From the age of four to seventeen I attended a Catholic school. At the start of Pre-K I was introduced to Jesus Christ. Maybe I don’t fully remember the times I spent praying when I was four and in Pre-K but I’m positive from what I’ve seen throughout the years each little kid was taught a prayer at a young age. Though at that time I was young and introduced to my faith through prayer at even at a younger age I was welcomed into my Catholic faith. Getting baptized when I was just a baby was the beginning of what would lead my belief in Jesus Christ. Baptism was a gateway into my faith. This sacrament was important for my parents for me to have. My parents have always had a strong faith in Jesus Christ and baptism was a way that I could become closer to Jesus. Of course as a baby I wouldn’t have any clue of why a priest was pouring Holy Water upon my forehead but the reason for that moment would become meaningful and important. The ceremony of baptism path towards a life with Jesus Christ. When I turned four years old I attended Holy Family School, a small Catholic school in Des Moines. I started in the Pre-K as I stated before. At a young age and in Pre-K, our teacher taught us how to pray. She taught us the morning prayer, meal prayer, and the prayer for the end of the day. It wasn’t until Kindergarten when my classmates and I began to learn about Jesus and our faith. The teacher would introduce us to who Jesus Christ is and his life story. My knowledge of who Jesus…

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