A Positive Place For Kids Essay

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“A positive place for kids.” These words stuck in my head like glue thanks to my brother Daniel who always had club shirts with that phrase on the back. The club never had any special meaning to me until my eighth birthday when I finally was able to register. I remember my first day at the club like the back of my hand. I walk in and notice the cool gray carpet and immediately walk up to a dark brown desk. The smell of dirty gym socks and the taste of sweat roamed the air, I was a little grossed out. Behind the desk I’m greeted by Mr. Madejyck, a tall old man with reading glasses and a white mustache. He turns out to be the club director and was in charge of showing me around. He immediately gives me a smile and says, “The club can use another Ramirez.” He then explains my brothers created a dynasty of potent leaders for the club. I didn’t understand and asked, “What does that mean?” Mr. M. followed up with, “A Ramirez family is a winning family.”
Mr. M. decided to give a tour of the Boys Club, so he began with the games room. I saw a utopia of games and activities ranging from foosball to ping pong. As he gave the tour I noticed something peculiar. The members were just staring at me, so I asked Mr. M. and he said, “You’re fresh meat.” I wasn’t worried because my brother Daniel was there for me. Next came the arts and crafts room which was filled with decoration and paintings. I notice a George Washington painting and not too far from it a Chicago Bears helmet. I was then…

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