A Positive Learning Environment For Student Achievement Essay

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There are many factors that need to be taken into account when creating a positive learning environment for student achievement. Why is a positive learning environment critical for student achievement? By creating a positive learning environment, students are afforded the opportunities to learn and be successful in an environment where they feel safe and respected. It is also an environment conducive to learning and achieving success. The ideal learning environment is conducive to maximum learning and achievement among students (Gillen, Wright, & Spink, 2011). Although there are many factors that can be considered when building a positive the learning environment, this paper will focus on collaboration, school and classroom climate, and setting high expectations along with effective feedback.
Collaboration between all stakeholders is imperative. School administrators must demonstrate effective leadership skills when communicating to district administrators, staff, students, parents, and community partners. Effective communication is essential and necessary when it comes to creating an action plan to increase academic performance, improve school and classroom climate, and reaching goals set based on feedback from data-driven instruction. The correlation between these elements sets the foundation for a positive learning environment. According to Holcomb (2004) schools operate like communities, and face to face interaction is the most powerful form of communication and…

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