A Pilot Study At Kaiser Permanente 's ( Kp ) Healthcare Facilities

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1. Settings 1.1. Healthcare 1.1.1. Description
A pilot study at Kaiser Permanente’s (KP) healthcare facilities will initiate the project effort by inviting, introducing, and training the health care professionals about the telehealth videophone public health consultant services. A presentation via Skye teleconference calls or in person will be presented by the public health consultant using PowerPoint presentation to address how the program will reduce the barriers exist for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHOH) cardiovascular disease (CVD) patients.
1.1.2. Participants
The participants are (1) healthcare entities, (2) community health stakeholders, (3) grant writers, (4) marketing media (5) computer specialist, (6) biostatisticians, and (7) event coordinator(s).
1.2. Community
1.2.1. DescriptionExplain how you might implement your SPP in community setting
Recruitment to train and develop DHOH people to become community health workers (CHW) to serve the ethnic and racial background of the DHOH KP patients will be implemented (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015a). The CHW be trained with the skills to communicate and disseminate health education on videophones.
1.2.2. Participants Describe the participants you might involve in community setting Sections 1.1. through 1.2.2. should be on page 2
The participants are1) the DHOH CHW volunteers, 2) CVD nurse specialists, 3) videophone technicians, 4) community health benefit specialists, 5) biostatisticians,…

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