A Online Part Of The Group Essay

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Online I believe there has been a recurring theme and challenge to the leader to make the online portion feel more group-like. Although we as group members have been challenging each other with regard to ideas on how we can make this online class more group like; overall, it’s a challenge to the professor, who also functions as the leader. Once we terminate this class and group, it’s up to her (Dr. Pizzi) to take into account any ideas we may have discussed over the semester, and apply them to other classes. How a leader handles confrontation to his or her leadership, at any stage, has a profound impact on the trust level in the group (Corey, Corey, & Corey, 2014). I believe we challenge the level of responsiveness from the leader in our group. For me, when I write my responses, especially when it comes to making an effective change to the group dynamic, I’m often expecting a response. So when I didn’t receive a direct or indirect response to an idea; I wondered if it was a case of Dr. Pizzi wanting it to be deferred back to the group, or how she chose to deal with an issue that may be confrontational, or challenging to her leadership style. Although I can see the reason to defer back to the group, confirmation or denial from the group leader is important to me as well.

What about choices you or others have made?

In a group dynamic where the leader is also the professor who grades our work, it can be very risky, and somewhat problematic to challenge, or speak your mind…

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