Marley's Use Of Dynamic Characters In My Father, By F.

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Summary: Jenny and John Grogan move from Michigan to Florida. While in Florida they both got jobs as reporters. They are newlyweds and buy their first home together. When they bought this new house they decided to get a new dog and name him Marley. Marley is a Labrador puppy and he is very wild. When Marley grows up he becomes a handful. The Grogans try and take Marley to an obedience class, but the teacher kicks him out of class because he is so wild. When the Grogans have a family Marley starts to behave a little and fit in. Despite all of Marley’s craziness he is very good with children. Jenny wants to get rid of the dog because he is becoming too much. John works very hard to train him and Jenny accepts Marley again. They have three kids …show more content…
He is a crazy Labrador puppy that you will never forget. He makes lots of messes but also has an impact on the family. Marley likes to eat and chew on everything. Marley is a dynamic character. In the beginning he is happy and very playful until he grows old and becomes boring. He can always put a smile on the Grogans face. Marley would be my favorite character. He is cute, playful, and a handful at the same time. I wish I had a cute Labrador like her. John Grogan is the caretaker of Marley and the husband to Jenny Grogan. John tries and takes Marley to obedience classes but he gets kicked out. John is dynamic because at the beginning of the story he doesn’t really care about Marley. By the end of the book he falls in love with Marley and they become best friends. John tries to make things better. The last character is Jenny Grogan she is the wife and another caretaker of Marley. She is a very good mother and loves Marley a lot. Jenny knows the answer to almost everything you ask her. Jenny is also dynamic because towards the middle of the book she ends up not liking Marley. After Marley gets to her older age she then starts to love her and care for her …show more content…
Marley died at the age of 13. Marley died of old age due to accident that happened a few years ago that has his life today. It made John realize all the time he spent with him needs to be cherished because Marley lived for a short period of time. It made John realize that you have to have fun your whole life because you never know what might happened that next second, which will end up changing your life. I learned that I should appreciate all the time that I get to spend with anybody because you never know when their last time on earth is going to be.

The second theme in this book I think is to have lots of patience. Marley likes to chew, eat, and destroy everything. He also ate some of Jen’s jewelry. To have a puppy like Marley and a baby on the way you need to have lots of patience. They tried to take their time by bringing Marley to obedience classes but she failed and got kicked out of the class. I learned that patience is virtue by not having patience a lot of things might be pushed to the

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