A Letter On The Quality Of Education Essay

772 Words Feb 13th, 2016 4 Pages
I am writing this letter on behalf of all of the children and young adults of which your recent budget proposal effects. When it comes to education, each individual tends to have a certain feeling that defines their entire experience. It depends on the individual to determine what that defining feeling is. However, when we go beyond personal experiences and look at how people feel about education as a whole, you can see a different trend of feelings, and most people will agree that the quality of education in Arizona is severely lacking in every aspect. Have you ever considered what a quality education means? Not just to you as an individual, but for the state as a whole? At five years old we start preschool and spend twelve years, primarily going to school and getting an education. Yet, we never really think to look at the purpose and the quality of what we are learning and how that affects us as we become adults. A decision needs to be made to invest in quality education as it is crucial to our economic development, as these are the men and women that are soon going to be the predominant members of society. The 21% budget cut that has occurred over the last eight years is detrimental to the success of Arizona’s residents and needs to be reassessed. I am asking that you re-evaluate the current budget cuts and understand that the intended purpose of these budget cuts, which is to protect education, is instead going to create an imbalance that will soon be too difficult to…

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