A Lecture Note On Organization Life Cycles And The Management Change

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Lecture note: Organization life cycles and the management change
This is a fascinating article. Managers shall dance with music and dynamic changes of business whether fast or slow, no restriction of age and gender, but the only correct responses. The slow dance is good that gives a little bit more time to a manager to come out a decision where to move and how to move. However, if business/manager decides to move a bit faster that is okay too; assume the company wants to take the lead as two persons in the dancing court, one may lead the other. Before you can lead your partner to dance correctly, you will need to know the music and very familiar with the next movement and how your partner move. You do not want to move too fast and step on your partner feet or your dance movement too fast does not suitable for the music. You can be creative but not completely overturn it. Managers can decide when to publish a new product to the market and make changes to business to better competing in the industry, but timing and right movement are important. For example, Sony published first handheld device as e-book reader around 2006, earlier than the first generation Amazon Kindle and 4 years earlier than Apple first generation IPAD. So, Sony announced that the company will not make any more consumers electronic reader in 2014. I owned one color Sony reader while ago; it was not a bad product at all in comparison to Amazon Kindle. I could port in PDF formatted articles into Sony reader…

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