A Leader At Junipero Serra High School Essay

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I have endeavored to impact people 's lives, either by helping them through a struggle, impacting a community of students, or just simply listening more than talking. With each life experience, we grow more responsible as we are faced with new challenges as an individual, a member of a student body, a community or a nation. We, as leaders, must be willing to take on these trials and support others through their trying times. At Junipero Serra High School, I have become a leader, a caretaker and most of all a friend to anyone who needs one. I have strived to be a thoughtful leader when rowing on the crew team, helping the elderly and am dedicated to leaving my mark on Serra and our local community.
Joining the crew team my freshman year was the most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve ever had, allowing me to grow as a person and become a leader. Rowing is an extremely competitive, difficult sport. By the end of the semester only the best and most committed remain. After multiple tests, the coaches puts together eight men of similar strength and stamina. Your seat on the boat determines the role you play in the race. Each man has to have full trust and belief in the man that 's in front of and behind him to keep pace. As I was the sixth seat in the boat, I had to show my leadership by being the first person to copy and keep pace with the two pacers in front of me. This was a small job in the large scheme of things, but leading everyone behind you required the…

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