A Knowledge No One Can Take Away Essay

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A Knowledge No One Can Take Away
In the American society, the well-known tradition for stepping into the real learning education experience starts off at an early age for the majority of people. Spending their early years through elementary school, middle school and onto the teen age in high school, but then at that stage where college comes down as the next level of learning, it’s an open option for students whether or not to continue with an higher education. But when the word college is brought up to people in our 21st century, often negative thoughts attack their minds. For instance, how expensive it is today, how’s it’s time consuming, for some waste of time or simply not for them, stressful, plethora of homework given, being stuck in class for certain amount of time, and the list goes on and on. Indeed, I as student can say college can be stressful at times, but really the bigger picture is being left behind because it’s a gold resource to help students to be able an explore new ideas in education and make the difference in their lives. Though I concede that in the 21st century college tuition is expensive, I strongly insist that a higher education still has a value and especially in today’s society, because its way more than heavy textbooks, it’s actually the opportunity itself of education to advance and improve people’s lives with new experiences and knowledge.
A benefit that will always come along with acquiring a college education for students is,…

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