A Interview With A Social Media Superstar Essay

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Ms Japan 2015, 21 year old Ariana Miyamoto, is a mixed-race, or hafu, as they call it in Japan, woman with a lot to offer in the way of wisdom. A social media superstar! Surely her beauty and charisma are what won her the title of Miss Japan Universe , but that is not the point she 's trying to bring our attention to; discrimination is a very real issue, no matter where you go. Miss Miyamoto says that discrimination is what gives her courage, keeps her motivated- even stating in an interview with Roxana Siberi; "I ran for Miss Japan expecting some criticism" . She goes on to state that though she doesn 't appear Asian, on the outside she feels as though she is very much Japanese on the inside. She feels as though she is treated as a foreigner in her own countr, even though she is a citizen of Japan. Her father was an African-American Sailor who left the country, and her mother,a young Japanese woman. Japan is her home, it is the place she spent the better part of her childhood, but there is still much controversy about her representing its people.
Upon Ariana 's victory the critics took to social media. Some making bashing statements such as "I don 't think a hafu can represent Japan correctly" and "She has too much black blood in her to be Japanese.” While others praised her bravery, saying “Having a different ethnicity in you doesn 't make you ANY LESS JAPANESE!” and "Beautiful and articulated, obviously smart.. Most countries would claim her as one of us". According to…

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