A Interview On The Manhattan Theatre Club Essay

1633 Words Oct 17th, 2016 7 Pages
The Manhattan Theatre Club is an extremely prestigious acting company that works both on and off Broadway in New York City. In my interview conducted over the phone with the Assistant Education Director, Amy Harris, I was able to gather a substantial amount of information about the company, like how it functions and how to get a job with the company. The Manhattan Theatre Club started as an Off-Off Broadway company and since 1970 has grown into one of the most acclaimed theatre organizations in the United States. This specific company peaks my interest because of its affiliation with Broadway, and its immense reputation. They recruit actors and actresses through auditions as well as a few other methods. Although it would be my dream company to work with— the question is, is that goal attainable? I interviewed Amy Harris, who is the Assistant Education Director at the Manhattan Theatre Club. We corresponded through email, and planned a time where we could speak on the phone. I had found the Education Departments’s email on the theatre company’s website and emailed them, as well as emailed general information. Amy responded to my email right away and was excited to help with my paper and said she would love to answer any questions I had. Though she had a meeting to get to shortly after our phone call, she took her time and wanted to make sure she thoroughly answered any questions I had for her. She was very sweet and eager to explain to me how the company worked. She also…

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