A Interview, Donald John Trump Essay

1186 Words Feb 24th, 2016 5 Pages
In an interview, Donald John Trump, an American businessperson and a Republican candidate running for president, specified: “ The immigrants are bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, and they’re rapists. It’s coming from Mexico. It’s coming from the south and Latin America and it’s coming, probably, from the Middle East, but we don’t know because we have no protection.” As a result of the immigrants coming into America, Trump wants to create the immigration plan. If Trump’s plan is carried out, the Mexicans would be unauthorized to enter America because of the “great great wall,” possible recessions and riots would take place, and all illegal immigrants including the birthright citizens will be forced to leave America. So why is it important to ban Trump’s plan? Well, if Trump gets elected for president, he will have the opportunity to change the laws on immigration for the worse. Thus, his plan will affect the immigrant men, women, and children living inside and outside the country. Since he is a candidate running for president, it is important for Trump treat to treat all people with kindness and respect because the majority of us come from different backgrounds and races. In his previous viewpoints towards racism, Trump has emphasized that illegal immigration should be banned from America because he believes the immigrants are creating problems in the country. Therefore, I believe Trumps immigration plan should be banned.
Besides Trump’s plan to deport immigrants out…

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