Discrimination In The United States: President Donald Trump

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Make America Great Again, came to be President Donald Trump’s winning slogan. His win of presidency marks a pivotal moment in history because of the general public’s fear which stemmed the uproars in protest. Society fears Trump’s arrogant persona alluding to his racist and sexist comments condemning most of the American population. Many acts of rebellion occurred after the jaw-dropping results came in on November 9th 2016. Many people who are active on social media participated in the hashtag movement “#notmypresident”. It swept the nation on all social media platforms as people from coast to coast denounced the results of the election fearing white supremacy movements and immigration policies Trump resembles. As the shock of the
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During Donald Trump’s campaign, he made some very strong statements pertaining race and ethnicity. By being a wealthy white male Trump already achieves a high position of power, given the long history of the white man. In addition, Trump relays similar attributes that contribute to the continuation of racial prejudice in society. In the primary source document, 8.4 from James Mather and William Claiborne, Excerpts from Letter Regarding Caribbean Migrants in New Orleans (1809), discusses white views on immigration, “when foreigners and Strangers are daily arriving among us; of whom , many are of doubtful character and desperate fortunes[…] who would wish to disturb the peace, and Union of the American States”(S8-7). This primary source perfectly demonstrates how foreigners were perceived in early America. Even immigrants hundreds of years ago were viewed as a hindrance disturbing American citizen’s way of life. Trump enacts the very same notion by wanting to ban Muslims and Mexicans from entering the United States. His plan to fulfill these goals include building a wall along the Mexico America boarder; making it impossible for Mexican immigrants to cross over. His theory of stopping terrorism in the U.S. includes banning all Muslims from entering the country. By making harsh statements and plans against these groups of people, it allows for an acceptance among communities to enact the same types of racial discrimination. The naturalization of slavery allowed for a general acceptance of how slaves were supposed to be property and controlled. The normality of the treatment of slaves directly correlates to the acceptance of racism that continues in the U.S. As the Code Noir was created on the intent to benefit the slaves, it ultimately pushed the abolition of slavery back

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