Examples Of Discrimination In The United States

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The biggest threat to the United States’ form of government is discrimination. This includes discrimination against racial and ethnic minorities, certain religious groups, women, people identifying as LGBT, the poor, and countless other categories of people living in this country.
The United States is a democratic republic, which means the people elect delegates to represent them in government. Under this form of government, everyone is supposed to have a voice and everyone is supposed to have representation. However, discrimination has historically prevented the U.S. from having a true democratic republic, and it continues to prevent us from having one to this day.
The most obvious historic example of discrimination threatening our form of
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For example, women have also historically been discriminated against in this country. They did not even earn the right to vote until 1920 when the 19th amendment was ratified. Even today, they are disproportionately underrepresented in government, which is especially ironic when so many laws are meant to control how they live their lives and the choices they make regarding their bodies and health. A woman has yet to become President in this country and women make up a tiny percentage of elected officials in government. Many women feel like they cannot be in government because of this, and some people actually believe women are not qualified to hold office. The fact that Donald Trump, who has made countless sexist remarks toward women, such as commenting on a woman’s appearance or implying that an angry woman is just on her period, is the frontrunner for the Republican Presidential nominee race, demonstrates that discrimination against women and sexism still exist in this country to this day. Until women feel like they are represented and heard, we cannot truly call ourselves a democratic …show more content…
This essay does not even begin to touch on the immense amount of discrimination that exists in this country. Minorities and other groups in the U.S. are not afforded the same voice or representation as the privileged few. This prevents us from having a true democratic republic because not everyone is represented fairly or equally. Discrimination is also the biggest threat to our form of government not only because it invalidates us as a democratic republic, but also because it turns people against the government. The protests we see across the country in places like Ferguson and Chicago demonstrates the growing distrust of the system. If our government continues to ignore, allow, or even promote discrimination, people will only continue to distrust the system

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