Immigration Rhetoric

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Throughout the American election history, immigration has been an important topic for the presidential candidate’s debate. According to the article, Why Immigration May Decide the 2016 Election, by Partnership for a New American Economy, immigration has once again become a hot issue like in the past elections. The article also analyzed, the reason the Republican lost over seventy percent of that vote in the 2012 presidential race was the Republican’s harsh rhetoric dramatically affected Hispanic and Asian voters. If that analysis is true, Donald Trump’s campaign on immigration rhetoric for the 2016 election is not any better than that of the 2012 Republican Party. In fact, his words choices are much tough than previous elections. For example, …show more content…
Bill Clinton’s rhetoric approaches on illegal immigration were different than that of Donald Trump. While Clinton addresses the immigration problems to the public with respect, Donald Trump addresses more direct with violent words. Clinton addresses immigrants “one of these areas is the problem of illegal immigrants”, which shows respect for immigrants, but asks for an immediate response to the illegal immigrants. This would make the audience immediately stop and listen, as they are all curious what must be done. Therefore, the words used by candidates or presidents speak about immigration affects voters including immigrants. In the article, Mexican American woman’s reaction to Donald Trump by Christina Arreola, an interviewed a Mexican-American woman, Carmen felt “terrified” when she heard Donald Trump’s infamous speech about the Mexican immigrants. Donald Trump’s word discouraged her and made her feel ashamed of her heritage because her parents were also illegal immigrants. This proves that they way some candidate choose to talk about the immigrants in public affects citizens and their families. In fact, In the letter, Thank You, Donald Trump by America Ferrera, Actress America Ferrera and singer Ricky Martin published scathing, op-ed condemn Donald Trump’s action and rallying Latinos to unite against him. Actress Ferrera said, “Mr. Trump, your comments means that you fail to see that immigrants are what have made this nation.” She wants to let Donald Trump know that if he truly wants to be president and has illegal-free country, securing America, Donald Trump has to reconsider of his outrageous words and apologize to the

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