Rhetorical Analysis Of How Immigration Breakdowns Grew Up America

Crackdown on Immigration Screws Over Americans: Rhetorical Analysis
“I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words” (Los Angeles Times Staff). Many quotes like this have swirled over the media and internet as people debate the popular topic of immigration policy. People have discussed and even complained about how illegal immigration negatively affects American citizens and the economy. But has anyone asked if there is a negative consequence of deporting these undocumented immigrants Shikha Dalmia did exactly this in her recent article where she explores the actual impact. Her article “How Immigration Crackdowns Screw Up American Lives” is an effective argument to convince the rising voters and general public that can already vote that current interior immigration enforcement policy needs to be changed and combatted by its use of vivid detail, similes, and word choice combined with many heart-jerking horror story-like accounts create a heavy pathetic appeal. These appeals
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Dalmia solidifies the pathetic effect by providing evidence of the negative impact that immigration enforcement laws. For example, she quotes Pew Research Center when she says, “11 percent of all U.S restaurants and bar employees are undocumented immigrants…In major cities maybe 30 to 40 percent are undocumented” (Dalmia 30). These potentially show that if all the undocumented immigrant workers were to be abruptly deported then these businesses would take disastrous hits from the lack of worker. The effect would have a ripple effect that would force these businesses to declare bankruptcy. Dalmia uses statics to provide a foundation for all the emotional appeals found in the article. Doing this solidifies the argument and effectively communicates its message to the target

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