Illegal Immigration And Its Impact On The American Economy

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Numerous amounts of people enter the United States illegally each year. Each year this number only increases and some immigration experts such as Allen Gomez expect to see them approaching the border in massive waves (Gomez). With this information in mind it is important for our nation to explore the effects that these immigrants could have on our economy. In regards to the American economy, some say illegal immigrants are benefiting America, while others believe that they are harming it. People on both sides of this issue make valid yet conflicting points. However, this is not a clear simple cookie cutter issue. Illegal immigration creates losers and winners, losses and gains. Illegal immigration equally effects our economy for better and …show more content…
Illegal immigration can benefit some people in the economy, however it can also work to the disadvantage of others. Conflicting ideas on immigration are seen in different levels of our society. Specifically in both of our political parties, there resides a severe difference over U.S. immigration policy. The Democrats are split and in the Republican Party there is division as well. This division seen in the political parties are reflected in the nation as a whole. According to a Pew study Fifty-three percent of those in question responded and said illegal immigrants should be required to return to their home countries, while 40 percent of respondents said illegal immigrants should be offered amnesty or another option to stay in the U.S. Multiple surveys have shown that the country is split down the center when it comes to the issue of immigration. About half of the country wants to see stricter restrictions on immigration. While a little less than half believe more open immigration policy is the best solution. This immigration issue has caused tares in some surprising areas. In some areas union leaders have accepted immigration, while those in the ranks and files have been more critical. Even environmentalists have adopted strong anti-immigration

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